Awakening Sound

Throughout 2019 and into this new year, I've had the good fortune of working on a ton of new music with some really talented local artists. My humble project studio is called Awakening Sound. (I thought about calling it Awakening Sound Studios but the abbreviation for that would be A.S.S. and that just didn't seem like a good idea.)

At the moment, I'm currently in the middle of several projects:

SpyTones - ridiculously cool instrumental surf rock. We record the band as a group so that presents a fun challenge in mic'ing up the different pieces & getting separation. (i.e., so that you don't hear a bunch of guitar in the drum tracks of vice-versa). I play some keyboards with the band too, so I'll overdub my parts later on. Really fun stuff!

Carol Winge - a local songwriter with a knack for very funny & clever lyrics. Carol's entire family is quite musical, so we often incorporate tracks sent via the internet from siblings who live in other states. How cool is technology?!

Flaire - This band was founded by my dear friends Lee & Roger, and I played keyboards with them for several years. We had such fun in rehearsals & created a ton of great memories together. Tragically, Lee passed away last January after a brief battle with a very aggressive brain tumor. She was simply a wonderful person and a beautiful soul and I miss her very much. We all do. Roger and I are finishing some of the recordings we started before her illness. It's difficult to listen to her beautiful voice and know that near the end of her journey on earth, she was unable to use it. We must push through the work, though, so her golden voice will sing again for all her friends, family, and fans.

Elizabeth Lorrey - (hey, who's that girl?) Yes, there has been progress on some new material! I'm almost done recording a new tune called "Lights," for which a video will be directed by my good friend and film maker, Rick Grogan! Josh Tarrant (my bandmate in Radio Roulette) put down a fantastic drum track; Shawn McGovern (my former bandmate in Radio Roulette) added his rock-solid and tasty magic on bass; and Bob Conroy (of the Spytones) sprinkled some awesome guitar work throughout. I have a few more bits to add (just little things here & there) and then it's ready for mixdown/mastering. Stay tuned!

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