1. The Wild Rose

From the recording The Wild Rose


I’ve been putting in my time
On the merry-go-round
Where every day it’s all the same old same
In twenty years, nothing’s changed
But all the while I’m counting down
To the day when I can finally retire
And set a course toward the Utah blue
Leave this city far behind
I’m going home to the Wild Rose
Heading out across the desert
To where the road begins to climb
Away up high where golden eagles cry
Atop the Ponderosa pines…
There’s a cozy sanctuary
Called the Wild Rose Retreat
And pretty soon my working days are through
The Wild Rose is calling me
And I’m going home to the Wild Rose
And it seems just yesterday
That I started on this path
And I am proud that I could make my way
Without losing who I am
Oh yeah- but I’m not looking back…
And I just can’t wait to be going home to the Wild Rose
I’m going home to the Wild Rose...