1. Awakening

From the recording Awakening

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I stand at the edge
feel the pull of a lonely call
lost in the sound... as I wait...
for the words to wash into shore
I can't turn away
it's always the same
with the first, cold kiss of the sea
I drown again
And the world turns slowly through space
As the night folds over the day
I stare at the moon
a pale reflection against the night
pressing my eyes until shapes
in the shadows, swimming to life
the burst of a star
and it’s over again
but the taste of the words lingering still
I’m left to explain
And the world turns slowly through space
As the night folds back into day
Hear the whispers on stone
On a ribbon of sound,
twisting & diving the ghost of a song
And it swims inside my head
Until slowly the dawning
The voice I hear calling is that of my own