Elizabeth Lorrey


I haven’t changed the house at all

Everything’s exactly as it was the day you left me

I’m so afraid to make it real somehow

I just keep hoping that it’s all just a dream


But they tell me it’s time to heal

Say I should be moving on

And they promise the pain will weaken

As time marches on


The curtains in the bedroom move

I’d swear it’s you, whispering to me

The sheets are almost wearing through

And still they bear the feel of you

I can still hold you near… after all these years…


So maybe it’s time to heal

And to think about moving on

But I know I’ll be frozen here when

Time marches on


And I try to be strong as I push through my days

But I just don’t belong here

When everything I used to be was so entwined in you

That I have nothing left inside- I’m living not alive

And I will bear the cross of time…

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