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It was time for an overhaul on the site. What do you think of the new look? Are you finding everything okay? Let me know- your thoughts & feedback are always most appreciated.


Lee V
May 19, 2016 @02:28 pm
Okay I'm a tad late in checking out your new site! But kudos EL, it looks awesome! Very easy to navigate and very 'warm" in design. Well done!!
April 29, 2016 @12:11 pm
Awesome, Gwen! Way to plan ahead! lol Thanks for checking in & we'll see you in the 'Port in August.
Gwen Miner
April 29, 2016 @12:06 pm
I think it looks great and I put your Aug 19 show on my calendar already!
April 29, 2016 @10:56 am
Thanks for stopping by, Jon. Can't wait to hear your latest masterpiece! -EL
Jon McAuliffe
April 29, 2016 @07:46 am
I like the look of the new site. Simple, to the point, and easy to find what you're looking for. Sorry I haven't seen you in a while. Overwhelmed with numerous issues, not least of which is finishing up my next CD. I'm almost there but a number of overdubs to complete before moving on to mixing and mastering. This CD is super eclectic, which is what I wanted. I don't like staying in one place, one style, the accepted norm of successful, commercial musical enterprise today. Anyway, I blathering on. Hope to see/hear you soon. Jon
April 19, 2016 @10:10 am
Excellent. Thanks for the feedback, Missus G! Mobile-friendly design was an important goal, so I'm glad it's working.
missus gau
April 19, 2016 @09:56 am
I love the new look! Easy to navigate on my phone too. You rock.

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